Ing. Ivan Chvojka

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Ing. Ivan Chvojka

Ing. Ivan Chvojka

MLD SIAF Flight Director

A military pilot (LtCol-Ret.). During his active military service in years 1979-2004 as an instructor-pilot in position of a squadron leader, inspector of the Aviation Authority for pilots of military classification L-39. From 1992 to 2002 the leader of the military aerobatic group Biele Albatrosy flying aircrfat L-39. He has experience from controlling air traffic as asquadron air traffic controller . Currently he is an instructor-pilot (training leader) at aviation school (ATO), an inspector of SNA, a flight examiner of Aviation Authority of the Slovak Republic.

Flight experience:

Total : 5600 flying hours / 14000 sorties

  • military jets (L-29, L-39): 3500 flying hours/7000 sorties (basic and advanced training, VFR, IFR, Day, Night)
  • SE, ME, TMG: 2100 flying hours/7000 sorties (basic and advanced training PPL, CPL, VFR, Day, Night)
It is a great honour for me to cooperate with civilian and military professionals, to use my experience as a flight director.