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Of course. Tickets for International Aviation Days SIAF are available at the gates of Sliač airport during Saturday and Sunday. To avoid waiting in long queues we recommend buying tickets in advance via our partner predpredaj.sk. to get there comfortably.

There is no bad weather just a badly equipped visitor. In case of weak local precipitation an aviation day is organized as usual. The change can affect the order of displays. Due to marginal weather conditions – heavy rain, gust or poor visibility the event may be cancelled. The safety always comes first for the organizers. In case of low cloudiness, poor visibility and wind with turbulence pilots cannot perform their flight displays at full throttle.

It is a frequently asked question. Believe us, every year we invest a great deal of effort in bringing aircraft from Russia or Ukraine to Sliač airbase. Addressing participants of SIAF is process lasting several months or years. Besides, we try conducting dialogues at all levels. But the final decision is theirs....

Yes. What you can and cannot take with you to the event is available at https://www.siaf.sk/visitors/.

No. Animals are prohibited from taking to SIAF. At https://www.siaf.sk/navstevnici/ you will find what is allowed and what is prohibited.

Yes, but it is useless. At the airport there are 3 main food zones. Hot and cold meals, grilled specialities, home made pastries are on offer. Within the airport several smaller stands with food such as boiled corn, candyfloss, popcorn etc. are available. The token system works in drink zones built in the aera of the airport. Only drinks are sold there to enable visitors of any sectors to refresh themselves quickly and comfortably.

Tokens are allowed only within drink zones and available at marked stalls. Do not hesitate to stock up with them to avoid queuing for them later. In case of some remaining when leaving the airport you can return them. Do not forget to keep a receipt. Drinks are available in returnable cups to be environmentally-friendly. Every year we decrease waste accumulated on aviation days almost by 5 tons. The reserve for a cup is paid by a token. When buying the first drink you are provided with a cup. When you drink up do not throw or return a cup. You can keep it the whole day and use it for another drink in the drink zone. Your new drink is served in a clean cup. You can keep a cup as a souvenir or return it to a stall within the drink zone and get reserve back at the end of the day. A cup is recycled.

Yes. It is placed next to the promotional stand of the Banská Bystrica Self-Governing Region (BBSK).

The easiest way to go to SIAF and avoid traffic jam is SIAF 2019 Bus Link Service. It is charged and departs from particular bus stops in Zvolen and Banská Bystrica. The time table is available HERE. Shuttle Bus Sevice is free of charge and its task is to bring you from parking lots directly to the gates of Sliač airport.

Yes. When leaving the airport you are given a “return ticket“. After coming back to the airport staff members take it back.

It depends on a child. You are best familiar with your kids but remember that aviation days are about noisy machines and crowds of people. In case you take your children there do not forget to take ear defenders. An airport during aviation days is not suitable place for little babies or pregnant women. Nothing happens if you skip one year of MLD SIAF.

No. There is a QR code on each ticket. A visitor is supposed to show this code (in a mobile phone) to staff members to scan it.

Tickets are available before the airport gates from 7:00. At 8:00 the airport is open and at 10:00 the programme is launched. We recommend you to leave your home ahead of time to avoid traffic jams and find comfortable space to spend a nice day with us.